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About the Artist: Headliner

About the Artist

Lisa Bolduc aka Ratty, Poet and Visual Artist 

I am the poet and visual artist behind the beloved, Ratty character. She is a channel for my creative urges. I reside in both Boston, MA and Wells, Maine. My sister lives in Australia. When I'm lucky, I visit her down under! I have an undergraduate degree in Social Thought and Political Economy as well as a Masters degree in Communications. 

What My Art Offers

Many people desire quality, original art but it isn’t always within their reach. My art is from the heart, truly unique and affordable. It is guaranteed to enliven and brighten any dull space. Request a custom made poem, card or painting, today! Get In Touch.

Pro-Bono Services

I love providing pro-bono services for social causes, such as artwork for non-profit auctions or poetry readings on critical topics. Reach out for help with your mission. Get In Touch.

Poetry Workshops for K-8 students 

I received training through the Massachusetts Literary Education and Performance Collective (MassLEAP) on how to facilitate spoken word poetry workshops for students. Previously, I have worked in the Boston, Brookline and Somerville Public School Districts as a teaching fellow, paraprofessional and poetry teacher, respectively. I have also taught poetry at the Fenway Community Center to toddlers. Bring the love of poetry to your students! Get in Touch.

Why is my name, Ratty?

As I grew as an artist, I was heavily influenced by Golden Era Hip Hop artists. They encouraged me to pick up the pen and define myself. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has failed to capture Hip Hop's true essence. Hip Hop lifts people up by showing them that through the power of words and self-love we can transform what was once unwanted into something beautiful. For example, Timberland boots, went from blue-collar staple to coveted urban wear, thanks to Hip Hop.

Hip Hop names honor self-creation and our ability to take back ourselves from the forces that seek to hold us down. Inspired by Hip Hop culture, Ratty is an acrostic poem. The letters stand for Righteousness And Truth Transform You. This means that when we follow our hearts and speak our truths we can transform the world in which we live.  

Every day, I have to go out into the world and face a system that works against the people – economically, physically and spiritually. Choosing to carry the essence of “Ratty” with me makes things a little bit brighter and it enlivens me. I hope my art does the same for you.


Lisa Bolduc aka Ratty

About the Artist: About

Hip Hop Art

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